The company

CARTOVENETA APCI Srl is a newly found packaging enterprise in the North East of Italy, created in 2012 from the merger of the two historic firms owned by the Michieletto family. Founded at the beginning of the 1960s by Bruno Michieletto, today the company is based on two production sites measuring over 20.000 square meters in Scorzé, near Venice (Italy).
The versatility and technical expertise achieved with the recent merger allow the company to meet the most specific demands of its customers, ranging from small to large quantities, realizing a huge range of customized products thanks to digital printing and maintaining elevated standards of quality.
Since 2012, Cartoveneta started started a process of constant update and
innovation: the machinery fleet is always renewed. After the cardboard digital printer, conceived for small production batches, great precision and customization, we purchased the new Engico Slotter, a machine that can make boxes of huge size.
The latest purchase in September 2018 was a cutting plotter, which completed the new digital department.
In 2017, Cartoveneta’s R&D started to research a new production software that could manage the complexity that the company had reached over the last few years.
Since June 2018, together with the update of the accounting software, RTS – one of the best in our branch – allows us to manage all the different processes faster and automatically, and provides important data of BI analysis.
2019 started with the setup of an automatic warehouse system and there are more changes that the company will face in the near future, always trying to complete and improve what we offer to our customers.
Cartoveneta Apci considers quality, environmental respect and efficiency as its keystones. In 2017 we obtained FSC certification and during 2018 we worked to transform ISO 9001:2008 into its updated release, ISO 9001:2015, while on the environmental side we obtained ISO 14001:2015. Thanks to the hard work, Cartoveneta achieved a high level of efficiency, certifying all its productive processes and the respect of safety regulations.