CARTOVENETA APCI Srl has always aimed to become the first choice of its customers and to maintain and expand its position in the reference market.
The quality of our products, the competence of our staff, the efficiency of the processes all represent key elements to achieve those targets.
With such company mission in mind, back in June 1998 with the former company name CARTOVENETA Srl, we started a path that led us to achieve our first quality certification according to law UNI EN ISO 9002:1994. Over the years, we kept updated with the evolvements of the norm, adjusting our standards first to law UNI EN ISO 9002:2000 and then to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, always providing the indicated resources concerning personnel and production processes.
On October 31st, 2012 CARTOVENETA Srl was incorporated into Scatolificio APCI Srl, which changed its name to CARTOVENETA APCI Srl.
With this new arrangement we now commit to:
Identify and satisfy our customers’ needs to improve the quality of our services;
Ensure the respect of all current and future norms that apply to our business field;
Launch programs that allow us to improve step by step our company performances concerning procedures and the quality of our products
The Quality Management System deals with the settlement of quality targets regarding procedures and products at any level of the system, the measurement and monitoring of the achievement of such targets thanks to a system of indicators, the analysis of the results and the definition of the appropriate actions for standardization and improvement.
The role of the Quality Management System is defined in the company Quality Handbook . The organizational chart specifies the company’s structure and its internal organization. The Operating Procedures and Instructions describe the prescribed company procedures.


(edited in accordance with article 16 of EC Regulation n° 1935/2004 of the European Parliament)

Hereby we declare that the following products
-KBSV 222 E KBSKB 222 E KBSV 221 E KSK 222 E
Are compliant with the following EU collective legislations:
-Regulation 1935/2004/EC and following updates and changes
-Regulation 2023/2006/EC and following updates and changes
And with the following Italian legislation:
-DPR 777/82 and following updates and changes
-DM 21/03/1973 and following updates and changes.
They are furthermore compliant with the Recommendation XXXVI of BfR (German Federal Institute for the Risk Evaluation)
The above-mentioned products are usable for direct contact with dry and fat food, as well as integument food, and any food for which migration evidences are expected.


The above-specified products are also compliant with the following Regulation:
-Legislative Decree 3.1.2006, n° 152 and following updates and changes with connection to the
-European Directive 94/62/EC for packaging and packaging garbage;
This declaration is effective for two years starting from the above reported date and will be replaced if and when significant changes occur about the output of products that might transform some of the essential requirements for the purposes of compliance or when the legislative references are edited and updated so that a new check for the purposes of compliance is required.



The cardboard used for the production of these boxes is included in the parameters established by D.M. of 21/03/1973; The material is also qualified to hold all of the food listed in D.M. n° 220 of 26/04/1993; For these reasons the cardboard is marked with the symbol of alimentary suitability, as stated in D.M. of 25/06/1981.